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I really appreciate buyers taking the time to connect with me when they buy a painting. As I read these I see each painting again and am happy they’re giving pleasure to these fine folks. Thank YOU!

Today is my daughter's birthday and she absolutely loves the painting! She knows exactly where she's going to hang it...It definitely found a home where it will be greatly appreciated every day. Thank you so much, Christine. Keep making your beautiful art!  Jane M, California

A Day Off pastel.jpg

I was very excited to purchase your painting, Sea Sentinel...Bamfield has a special significance for us and we're really enjoying having it in our home.  Debbie G.

Sea Sentinel May09.jpg

Tatanka is now hanging in our home and look glorious! I just love looking at is so gratifying and fulfilling to look at your fabulous painting. To say thank you seems trite...keep on doing your great stuff! Sue K, Framingham, MA

Tatanka 18X24 11P11July 2011.jpg

I am so excited to finally own one of your works. I have it in my living room so it is the first thing I see when I come in my front door and it stops me in my tracks every time!  I just love it! Judy B. Kamloops, BC

Silent Wings,16X20 acrylic.jpg

All comments used with permission.

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