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Workshop Instruction

Plein air painting

I try to meet every student at their level and focus on building confidence because with confidence comes true learning! Foundational skills such as values, design, colour, focal point and story are all central to making good art. Instructor demos that I give along with telling students why and what I am doing as we go is enlightening. Then it's time to learn by doing: trying, experimenting, making boo boos, adjusting things, understanding what's going right all the while getting one-on-one coaching which is so beneficial to accelerating learning and changing and/or creating new habits.


I am available to travel and can likely fit a workshop in that suits both our schedules as in many cases I book 1 to 2 years in advance.




2 hours (minimum) $260.00


1/2 day (4 hours) $475.


1 day (6-7 hours) $685


2 day workshop (12 hours instruction eg) $1495.


Longer workshops please contact me directly.


Travel Costs (depends on location and winter/summer):


Within a 100 km radius of my studio add $75 travel costs. Workshops booked that are 2 or more days travel costs are included.


Travel over 150 kms may include air travel, accommodation and food depending on the location. I also travel extensively with an RV which also serves as my plein aire studio which can greatly assist with your group’s costs depending on your location. Please contact me directly for a quote. 

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