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Workshop Reviews

What Students are Saying about Christine’s 1, 2, 3 and 5 Day Workshops:


"Love watching the demos, love seeing your artwork, love your feedback. Thank you" Marj T.


"Very well taught concepts! Clearly explained. Lots of time to paint and instructor always on hand to help". Kathy N.

"Loved learning about how to apply color to a value sketch. The talk on the colour wheel was very helpful. Your work is beautiful!" Helen R.

"I have more confidence in changing things up in my painting and simplifying". Janet E.

"Thank you for a great class, it was a lot of fun, very informative and inspiring." Sandy B. 

"Great two days! Clear, concise, informative, fun! Thank you" Deb C.


"Great foundation course on how to put together elements of art."


"An excellent and well organized and informative workshop. Thank you."


"Delightful, excellent and informative!"

" have helped me enormously in how to structure my paintings. Other instructors have tried to explain about working with values but it never seemed to stick. You provided some concrete things tools to help me be more aware and use them in my work." Mary K.


"Christine was engaging and encouraging and taught some important concepts very well. Thank you!"


"Best colour theory course I've ever taken!"  Alyson W.


"Really loved the workshop. You are a very good teacher." Pat L, Nova Scotia


"Christine was very clear about what she wanted us to learn and her examples and demonstrations were excellent. She was very generous with her time and materials." Beth J


"Enjoyed it all! Very thought provoking! J. Grant


"Your comments were encouraging and meaningful. It is clear you enjoy teaching and were generous in sharing your extensive knowledge."


"Great course!  Learned things outside my comfort zone and to loosen up with colour" A. Fraser


"There is SO much to learn in this area that a week long workshop might really work well. Please come back to Ontario for a week!! Many thanks!"  J. Finegan


"Your exercise on values using colour choices that we would not have usually used and then using those colours to create a painting was an eye opener.  Similarly, the colour wheel exercise was just what I needed and I will continue to explore that idea...Great workshop!  It's hard to impart ideas and theories in just one day. I wish I had had more time. Really enjoyed the day!  Thank you!  Cathy C.


"Your workshop on colour was just as inspiring as it was clarifying. The value study techniques and limited palette exercises you guided us through are ones that I will adapt in my painting process from now on. It made the decision-making so much easier and I really believe it will increase the success rate of my paintings. And most of all, thank you for releasing me from local colour!!! Susan T.


"Really loved the workshop. You are a very good teacher." Patricia L.


"Thank you for the wonderful workshop on acrylic painting. It was thoroughly enjoyed and we are all inspired to carry on!"


"Loved the class!"


"I learned so much!  Can't wait to try pastels."


"Thank you for the great instruction -- but the time was too short -- so much to say and you needed another few days!"


"Awesome class. Thanks."


"Thank you for sharing so much of your knowledge."


The following reviews were from 5 day workshops:


"Christine's workshop was inspirational and filled with essential material for understanding how to take an idea to a finished painting. The progress made by every single painter in one workshop regardless of the media was truly amazing. [Her tools have given me] new valuable techniques and have taken my confidence to a whole new level. I can't thank her enough for her kindness and caring. I have enjoyed many previous art workshops in my life, but this was truly the best. Her hard work encouraged ours. Thank you." Joan P

"Christine is an excellent teacher and presenter. She is well organized and manages the timing of giving information at just the right rate so that the student is not overwhelmed. We learned so much that is valuable… this workshop will change my approach to painting as no other workshop has done before." Rita


"I liked the balance of lecture description with the hands on application of the concepts (tools).

It was presented in coherent and bite size segments so you were not overwhelmed. The tools we've been given are extremely beneficial and practical. After this course I will be able to control where the work is going without losing the initial appeal of capturing the subject." DS


"The combination of FUN and LEARNING made Christine’s class exceptional and exciting — one that I will be talking about for a long time!


Each day was packed with learning in all different ways from PowerPoint slides to personal exercises and of course plenty of painting! I like that she gave us lots of personal attention and critiques. I always felt comfortable asking for help.


Christine is fun to be around and goes above and beyond. I feel that I've gotten to a new level of painting." Shelly P.


"Christine is the best instructor I have ever had. Energetic, encouraging, logical and knowledgeable. She took a class of artists with varying degrees of ability and taught us all something. Her style is logical and methodical and hands on. She gave each and every one of us personal attention and challenged each of us according to our ability. She took concepts and techniques that we have all been taught before and she made them real. Thank you Christine."


"Christine's class was energetic, well organized, full and busy! She presented a great deal of important information in a clear and helpful manner with great humor and thoroughness. I learned a lot about deliberately planning a painting. Christine made sure to circulate and assist where necessary and allowed time for open class discussions, critiques and sharing our highs and lows. Her own work is inspirational! She is very generous in counseling individuals as well as moving us along as a class. She set particular tasks for us and supported everyone's effort with positive and helpful comments! I would recommend Christine's workshop to artists of any level! Thanks for a wonderful week of art, learning and friendship." Daphne D.


"Christine Camilleri is the best art instructor I've ever encountered.  I've had color theory in art school but never learned to consciously use it the way I learned in this workshop so that by the end of the workshop I felt like a different painter! Highly recommend her!" JZ

The following was a review of an on line critique (Zoom)  due to Covid restrictions:

"I had the good fortune to have Christine Camilleri critique my 3 paintings. I learned as much from her analysis of my compositions as I did from listening to her critiques of the other artists' work. It was great to be able to ask questions and get insight from a master artist -- especially during these isolating times."Cathy Lorraway

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