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Landscape and Animals: Nature's Harmony April 2 to 4, 2020 Pastel, Dakota Art Mt. Vernon, WA

Unleash more life and interest into your landscapes with the addition of an animal. Find out how to express your pet’s unique character. Focus on a wildlife painting and learn how to incorporate that animal into your landscape so that both support each other. 


Animals and nature are profoundly entertaining and beautiful; pastels are especially well suited to expressing their dynamism. You don’t have to love bison as much as I do:  just bring your passion for all things natural because the workshop will focus on the natural world and will embolden you to include (more) animals in your repertoire. 

Wildlife and Pets

  • easy ways to draw animals

  • what all animal eyes share

  • using unusual colors for your animal

  • how do I paint realistic fur or hide?

  • can I abstract an animal?

  • working with photos: the opportunity and the limitations



  • how does a landscape work best with animals in it?

  • what do I do with the sky?

  • how do I choose the best colors for my subject?

  • how can I use dramatic colors to best effect?

  • how do I learn to see with an artist’s eye vs the camera’s eye?


…and so much more.



Many students have noted my unique style of teaching (grounded in adult learning principles).  These include demonstrations with simple down-to-earth explanations, visual presentations, facilitated group discussion, private thinking, experiential learning, fun and easy exercises I’ve designed to teach concepts, one on one coaching and encouragement that will tease out your own best way to learn and make this an exceptional learning experience. My relaxed style will ensure you feel comfortable asking for help. It’s not all work—we will be having laughs, sharing ideas, using music to relax and other fun ways to tap our creative selves. You will also have plenty of time to work on your own paintings.


Get ready for a day to day structure that will enhance and build on what we will learn each day; principles will be repeated until they form part of your body of knowledge and you will begin to effortlessly translate them into your paintings. 


I love the natural world and I will show you how to express your vision of nature’s beauty.



From this photograph to this painting! Find out how!


This deer is well hidden but brings life to the scene!

Watchful Eye.jpeg

A Watchful Eye, Pastel

Sleek on Summer Grasses.jpeg
Sleek on Summer Grasses, Pastel