Learn to Paint with Confidence 
Hudson River Valley Art School, Greenville, NY

Sept. 18 to 24, 2022

All mediums

Imagine a beautiful painting with gestures of color and light; a painting that expresses your power as an artist with clarity and statement.


Most artists are hesitant to explore the concepts of color and light in their paintings and so they risk having a flat, uninteresting, timid work that they are disappointed in without understanding why.


This course will take you and your work to a new level no matter where you are starting from.


You will learn about concepts you have heard about but have not been able to put into your paintings — until now. Things like:


  • how do I bring bolder color into my work?

  • how are grays and chromatic black related to bringing out color?

  • what is color harmony and how do I use it in my paintings?

  • how do I fill my paintings with eye catching light?

  • if form and shadows are part of light how can I use that knowledge? 

  • how do I choose the best lighting for my subject?

  • how can I use dramatic lighting to best effect?

  • is there a way to create a sky that enhances my landscape?

  • is there a way to connect what I see in my head with what I’m painting?

  • how do I learn to see with an artist’s eye?

  • how can I prevent my painting from going sideways before it’s too late?

  • and so much more.



My relaxed style will ensure you feel comfortable asking for help. Art is fun and we will be having laughs, sharing ideas, using music to relax and other fun ways to tap our creative selves. 


My goal is that by the end of the week your confidence and skill set will be transformed into creating paintings filled with color and light and confidence!